National Chess Tournament Events
National tournaments happen quite often, and the USCF is quite good at putting them together, quickly, efficiently, and hosting them around the entire United States. National events do not always give cash prizes for placing high, they sometimes give prizes such as expensive chess sets, memorabilia, or collectors items. Finding national tournaments is as easy as following this link and bookmarking it or subscribing to an RSS feed.

The tournament descriptions are rather large and are not organized well, so reading them may be a pain. If you would prefer to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, simply follow this link and read the instructions carefully located within the page.

The USCF hosts a few tournaments monthly, with the larger ones in larger states offering more prize money, but also costing more to enter. Most tournaments are not single or even double elimination like in other sports, they are considered Swiss tournaments, in which you are always paired with someone who is doing as well (or as badly) as you are, to keep the game fair and exciting. It is important to keep a checklist of things that need to be done or brought with you to the tournament. If the tournament you are attending is out of state, it would be best to gear up ahead of time and book a reservation at a hotel or even a friend’s house that may live near the area. Remember to bring your official USCF ID and some form of photo identification. I will not go over all the details and things necessary, as this website outlines them quite well.