Grand Prix Chess Tournament Events
Grand Prix events are popular events hosted by the USCF. There are multiple events each month, and offer quite a bit of prize money, and attract a lot of attention and competition. The guaranteed first prize must be at least $150 in order for a tournament to be considered a grand prix event, and as such, these tournaments are great to make some extra cash, or even pursue a career in professional chess playing. They are hosted across the country, but for the most part, the tournaments are mainly held in large states such as the New England states (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc.) and California. There were twenty-four Grand Prix tournaments alone in February, 2011. Attending all of these would be difficult, but rewarding if you are a skilled player and an expert at tournament strategies and plays.

These tournaments are easier to attend than national or foreign tournaments, and they are hosted often and in many areas. The standard checklist ideas that are shown in the other pages about other tournaments still apply, but these tournaments are not as large nor as demanding as the other two types. However, if you are planning to compete nationally and attend many events, it is imperative that you are well prepared and ready for the difficult challenge that will be ahead of you. You receive points for your performance in the tournaments and you are compared nationally against other competitors. For the most part, Grandmasters dominate these events and gobble up most of the points, and cash, so it can be a bit difficult to do well in these events.

There are rules and regulations as to how points are rewarded, so it is worth taking a look at the official site for more information regarding these.