Chess Tournaments - Foreign Events
Foreign events are official tournaments that are recognized by the USCF and allow you to rank up and gain ratings outside of the United States of America. These events usually attract the attention of other nations as well, so the tournament may be filled with many competitors from foreign nations, so there is sure to be a lot of diversity at these tournaments. These tournaments are few and far in between for a number of reasons: international tournaments are expensive to set up, expensive to go to, and require much preplanning and gearing up before hand to attend. Normally these events have high cash prizes in order to attract competitors. At the time of writing the only foreign event described on the official USCF website is a competition in Bermuda. No other competitions have been scheduled or described yet. As you can see, these competitions are exclusive, and worth attending, due to their scarcity.

With foreign events, you have to be sure you are willing to spend the time, money, and effort to compete well. Entry fees typically are not cheap, and neither are the airplane tickets. It is imperative that you decide well before the actual competition where you will be staying, what airline you will take, what to bring, and so much more. Making a checklist or looking for tips online from previous foreign tournament competitors would be very worth your while before paying the entrance fee and paying for the airline ticket. It is an experience, however, and most tournaments will have some fun parties thrown and free breakfasts and the like. If not for the challenge, at least try to compete for the experience and the fun.